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We start with Evan discovering something about his cat. Then we watch terrorists be surprised that they're not allowed on planes. We combine Mystical Artifacts/Sidekicks/Types of Videogames to create pitches for the NEW "INDIANA JONES" video game announced. Evan is back into NFL football...well cursing...during NFL football. And we close with a true story of Evan's first..."fight".

00:50 - We preview our 400th episode. (It's the opposite of a 'Best Of' we will go over our "bombs/flubs/joke fails")

02:30 - Evan's revelation about his cat Champ. He's needy, he's chill, but he will also JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE.

12:35 - We watch a video of a DC riot guy who was kicked off his flight because he's been put on the no-fly-list and can't possibly understand why. 

34:20 - Jason brings another round of "PITCH THE VIDEOGAME" in honor of the news of a new "Indian Jones" videogame announcement. We combine Mythical Artifacts + Indy Sidekicks + Types of Video Games to create weird/fun game pitches. 

1:06:15 - Evan loves the NFL....cursing on live tv.

1:12:30 - Evan's pathetic "1st Fight" story. 

Stay Tuned for our 400th episode coming up soon!!

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING GUYS!! This week we watch a FOR REAL first kiss, talk about things that make William Shatner smile, turn Christmas movies into Thanksgiving movies, Janeway and Paris's salamander babies, and how Dr. Crusher chose a cloud over Jean-Luc Picard.

00:30 - Intros and we explain Evan's audio.

01:40 - Evan brings a video called "Uncomfortable Double Virgin Wedding Kiss" from Virgin Diaries on TLC.

29:00 - We have fun with a William Shatner clip where he says, "That makes me smile." A lot makes Shatner smile BTW.

31:15 - Jason brings a game where we turn Popular Christmas/Regular movies into Thanksgiving Movies!!

44:50 - Evan talks about the weird "Star Trek Voyager" episode where Janeway and Paris de-evolve and have salamander babies.

49:20 - Evan brings up an episode of "Star Trek TNG" where Dr. Crusher teases Picard then turns around and dates a cloud.


Watch "Uncomfortable Double Virgin Wedding Kiss" HERE!!

Uncomfortable Double Virgin Wedding Kiss.Diaries..so, WHO's into it more? HE or SHE?? DUH - YouTube



P.S. - Happy Thanksgiving by the way!!

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This week Jason Farr (The "There It Is Podcast") and Justina Sparling ("Butter Butter Butter" with the Magnet Improv Theater) stop by!

2:00 - Introductions and origins of their improv team names. "Butter Butter Butter" & "Sweetheart".

6:00 - We remember Fred Willard and our favorite roles.

11:45 - We play a "Fred Willard Quiz"! I describe a film/tv role and it's up to Jason & Justina to guess if it's REAL or one that I made up.

27:05 - We play a GAME! "The Matlock Game!" Where we randomly put together an old actor and an occupation and create their own OLD PEOPLE SOLVING CRIMES tv show! (Ex: Morgan Freeman + Lighthouse Operator)

35:00 - We play a BRACKET! I ask Jason and Justina, "Which Robocop Quote would make the BEST PICK-UP LINE?"


Listen to Jason Farr every week on his own podcast the "There It Is: Podcast" HERE!!


Also follow Justina Sparling and Jason on their Magnet Theater teams: BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER & Sweetheart!!



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Where we start with someone in the background enjoying life and Evan wonders what that's like. After that, Evan shows Jason how dangerous fighting can be. Then we play a game where we figure out the next Disney+ "Star Wars" show. After that Evan talks about yet another dream where he just cannot be cool. THEN we talk a segment from Minority Report and we finish with a new bracket, this time "Which is Your Favorite OG Bearded Ones Character?" Round 2!!


P.s.-Kids, if you listen.....titties

Check out Andrew Vans podcast False Start here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/false-start-fake-sports-real-shots/id1455223970

AND One Star Review here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/one-star-reviews/id1505211215?fbclid=IwAR0d1BPt2M88Vj3eq2hjtx4e0ZPVlxRyGUYjWZUDUW3lCgGXf109UuVimQg#episodeGuid=97583524-5d9e-4b74-8008-cdc7ff92f41e

Check out "Improv Separately Together" here: https://www.facebook.com/improvseparatelytogether/



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Where we start with follow ups on what stores are like (during lock down), THEN we talk about the clamshells from "Demolition Man" and how you are SUPPOSED to use them. After that, we play a game inspired by Tom Julian (link to his novel "Timberwolf" below) where we take harmless shows and make them gritty. Then we finally get into "TIGER KING". After that we close with a new Bracket... this time..."Which TV medical personal would make the BEST Superhero??!!"

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, you'll get Hot Lipped!!


Check out Timberwolf here.... https://www.amazon.com/Timberwolf-Tom-Julian/dp/1943549184

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Excited to have guests Harrison Brookie & Nate Oulette from The Alchemy Comedy Theater (Greenville, S.C.) We talk about our "The Rise of Skywalker" predictions and hopes. And them play a round of "Pitch The Show: Hallmark Christmas Movie Edition!!

00:45 - Introductions

04:45 - We go through answering Our Predictions and Hopes for Episode 9 "The Rise of Skywalker"!! (Characters you're excited to see. New creatures we could see? etc!)

31:10 - In honor of Christmas we play "PITCH THE SHOW: HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE EDITION!!" Where we randomly combine Typical and Atypical Hallmark Movie tropes and we have to PITCH THAT MOVIE!! (Ex: Career Oriented Obituary Writer Returns Home for Christmas to Visit Her Sick Recently Separated Twin.)

Check out Nate Oulette at Alchemy Theater HERE!!


Check out Harrison Brookie at Alchemy Theater HERE!!


Keep up to date with Alchemy Comedy Shows HERE!!



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We have improviser Nate Oulette back with us again!

00:45 - Introductions

02:45 - Jason & Nate talk non-spoiler talk of The Mandalorian.

04:00 - Jason, Nate & "Fiance' of the Show" Miley give their answers for "Fav. Line/Fav. Character/Fav. Fight/ETC..." for the 1st two episodes of "The Mandalorian". Spoiler talk ends at (40:40)

43:15 - We play a game called "PITCH THE SHOW: MCU EDITION" Where Nate randomly picks MCU characters that are not yet slated for a DISNEY+ TV show, and we put them together and Pitch that show. (Example: Pepper Potts & Talos)

56:00 - Another BEARDED ONES BRACKET!! This week we ask, "Which Pop Culture BOUNTY HUNTER Would Be the BEST at Helping YOU find "YOURSELF"?"

You can find out about future shows at the Alchemy Comedy Theater HERE!!



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With Evan taking a break this week we have guests Joe Johnson & Nate Oulette from The Alchemy Comedy Theater, here in Greenville, S.C.

01:10 - Introductions

05:00 - We talk about our Halloweens and how sometimes it's a waste of money.

08:45 - We play some left over Halloween Games like, "WOULD YOU FEAR IT?" Where we randomly combine horror monsters with non-scary quirks and we ask the question, "WOULD YOU FEAR IT?" (EXAMPLE: Frankenstein but he smells like Pumpkin Spice and sounds like Forrest Gump.)

21:10 - We play another round of "WOULD THEY SURVIVE?" Where we take real-life dirt bags, put them in the universe of a horror movie and ask, simply, "WOULD THEY SURVIVE?" (EXAMPLE: Jeffrey Dahmer in the world of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".)

36:05 - In honor of "The Mandalorian" debuting on Disney+, we make up NEW Star Wars shows for Disney+. (EXAMPLE: Medical Drama Starring Chewbacca, taking place BEFORE "Empire Strikes Back".)

52:30 - We talk through another Bearded Ones Bracket in honor of Veteran's Day. Bob Ross was a veteran, so was Captain Kangaroo, so why couldn't other veterans do it too? So this time we ask the question, "Which Pop Culture Veteran Would Make The Best Children's Education TV Host?"

Check out Alchemy Comedy Theater shows HERE!!



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00:00 - Intro

02:30 - Evan & Jason predict the last episode of "Game of Thrones". Have we kept up with the show? No.

11:40 - Thanks Andrew Van for the shoutout. Check out his podcast "False Start: Fake Sports, Real Shots" Listen to him HERE - http://falsestartpodcast.libsyn.com/

12:30 - QUIZ GAME - Jason challenges Evan this time with Google Translated Metallica lyrics. It's up to Evan to guess the song!

21:45 - PITCH THAT SHOW! GAME - Bob Iger teased us with a 3rd Star Wars tv show, but didn't give any details. Jason and Evan randomly select criteria and based a BRAND NEW DISNEY+ STAR WARS SHOW around it. (Ex: A biographical show starring Admiral Akbar that takes place after "The Last Jedi".)

43:35 - Jason brings some clips! 1st one calls out Evan for not keeping up with the new shit kids like. and 2nd one is the Intro Song to a cop show we came up with last week "CARNIE JUSTICE!"

51:00 - BEARDED ONES BRACKET!! - In honor of the new season of Evan's other podcast The Lucky 10,000, Evan asks me the question, "Which Badass Woman from History would make the BEST Wingman?" 


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Where we start with some truth...and an accusation...BROTHER!! THEN, Jason brings another old "Star Wars" comic from 1977 and we discover that sometimes...even in sci-fi...a little restraint goes a long way. Then, Evan embarrasses himself yet again via the dating sites.... sigh..... then after that we play another round of "Pitch That Show!", where Jason gives Evan some character/quirk/plot options and we see if we can come up with some great show ideas! We don't.


P.S.-Kids, just don't listen. Don't do it. Put your keyboard up. Brother.


Check out our other podcast, The Lucky 10,000 here

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Where we start with another shout out to Screaming Soup. Jason is once again the voice of the Toxic Avenger (New ep linked below).

After that, Evan brings some more old stuff he wrote that we mercilessly mock, we talk about the passing of Roger Moore and Chris Cornell and what WE would do if we auto-erotic-asphyxiated. We play another round of "Pitch That Show" where Evan randomly mixes actors and scenarios and he must "PITCH THAT SHOW!"

Then we watch a loudwire video featuring a dude who thinks he totally whooped GG Allin's ass, then realized you should never be close to GG Allin's ass.... Jason bring the McDonalds commercial showing what the Brits think we South Carolinians are like. And we discover that sometimes, having an online career as a food critic doesn't require experience.

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, George Takei will haunt you....


See the new Screaming Soup episode here!


See the Loudwire list video here!


See Food Review UK here!

(Below: Evan as an Apple Tree, or Frank from "Donnie Darko")




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Where we start with yet another TASTE TEST CHALLENGE...this time...it's messed up candy.


THEN we invent the newest Monopoly; more representative of the lower middle class... after that, Evan looks inward and reveals some more past moments from the show where he feels he could have been less....A-hole-y.

THEN we go through our lists of "What would all of our Presidents names be if they were pornstars?" One of them makes ZERO SENSE and Jason can't let it go.

Evan then tells a story revolving around some nuts, God and an old lady. And finally Jason brings a new game to the show called "Pitch The Show!" where Evan randomly puts actors and scenarious together and Evan must "PITCH THAT SHOW!"

P.S.-Kids, if you listen...OOOOOWWAAAAAAAA!!!!!

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