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HAPPY "STAR WARS" DAY!! This episode we wanted to celebrate Star Wars, but first Evan saw a fellow actor friend in "Falcon & The Winter Solder"! Then in honor of the NFL Draft we have OUR draft where we recast "Seinfeld", "Alien", "The Muppets", & "Friends" with Star Wars characters that we think would make sense. And we close with another round of "Google Movie Translate Game" this time with Star Wars quotes. Also Jason guested on Andrew Van's podcast "1 Star Reviews" 

00:30 - Intros

01:30 - Evan saw that his actor friend Brad Brinkley (FBI Agent on Falcon & Winter Soldier) "met" Captain America and Evan fan-girled the EFF out!! Evan and Brad worked on Evan's Web TV Show, "The First Five Years" Watch it HERE on vimeo. 

The First Five Years (vimeo.com)

10:30 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Seinfeld" Cast!!

30:50 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Alien" Cast!!

45:45 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Muppets Show" Cast!! With Special Guest: Bryan Buckley!!

52:15 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Friends" Cast!!

1:02:45 - Evan brings another round of "The Google Movie Translate Game" Jason has to guess the gibberish translated quotes!!


Listen to Jason on "One Star Reviews: with Andrew Van" HERE!!


Watch more Brad Brinkley on "The First Five Years" HERE!!

The First Five Years (vimeo.com)

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Jason brings clips he said he would make from the last 2 episodes. Evan gives his thoughts on Netflix's "Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel" documentary. Evan loves "Master Chef" except for one thing. And on the 1 year anniversary of his passing we play another "True/False Quiz" about the book plots of the great CLIVE CUSSLER!!

00:30 - Intros

01:25 - Clips Jason made clips based on previous 2 episodes. "Our Mush Mouth Debate" for ep: 401 & "Combine All the Sound Clips Challenge" for ep: 402. 

10:15 - Our talk on "Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel" Listen to the 1st time we reacted to the "Elevator Video" from the Cecil. HERE!! 

THE BEARDED ONES EP 243: ATTACK OF THE BEARD!!!!!!! (podbean.com)

Also listen to Evan and Carissa talk about it on "The Lucky 10,000 Podcast" HERE!!


39:30 - Evan vents about "Master Chef" 

52:55 - Clive Cussler Book Plot Quiz. Jason reads book plots and Evan has to guess if it's real or if Jason made it up.


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WE'RE BACK!! And stuff has gone to hell. We start by talking about those DBags in DC. Evan is fed up with reactors (until he becomes one #MaxwellTheReactor.) We watch the dumbest (or maybe the most genius) reactor as he watches "Pulp Fiction". We go over our WW84 Predictions Quiz Questions to see who was right. And we close with a BRACKET!! This week Jason got a new car so we ask, "Which Vehicle would make the best NEW 'KNIGHT RIDER' SHOW?"

01:30 - We talk about those A-Holes who broke into the capitol, and mock them for 5 minutes.

06:15 - Then we mock reactors. (and at the same time envy them.) We ask 'what if' reactors had a writers room.

26:10 - Evan then becomes a reactor. Maxwell The Reactor, as he watches the "Wandavision" trailer. ("Aww he touched her hair ya'll.")

29:40 - We watch a dummy (or genius) who reacts to "Pulp Fiction", and he is BAFFLINGLY DUMB (OR GENIUS).

53:10 - We go over our "'Wonder Woman 1984' Predictions Quiz" (thanks again Language of Bromance)

1:06:25 - BRACKET!! Jason bought a new car, and it reminded him of "Knight Rider" so he asks, "Which non-car vehicle would make the best NEW 'KNIGHT RIDER' SHOW?"


Listen to MORE Bearded Ones Quizzes HERE!!

QUIZZES (podbean.com)

Listen to MORE Bearded Ones Brackets HERE!!

BRACKETS!! (podbean.com)

Listen to "Language of Bromance Podcast" HERE!!

Language of Bromance Podcast


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This week Jason tricks Evan into believing some FAKE "Star Wars" Disney+ shows. Example "Mothma", "Biggs & Wedge" plus a bunch of others. We talk the good and bad about "Star Trek: Discovery", and we close with a "Wonder Woman 1984" Predictions Quiz, with help from fellow comedy show "Language of Bromance".

00:30 - We get right into the NEW "Star Wars" shows. Jason realizes that he could say ANY SHOW and Evan would believe him. So Jason starts making up shows. 

17:30 - Evan talks "Star Trek: Discovery". The good (Michael Burnham, Season 3, New Aliens, etc) The Bad (the melodrama, the cyborg that nobody cares about, weird explanations, etc)

42:45 - Evan FINALLY catches on that Jason has been lying to his face.

44:40 - "WONDER WOMAN 84 PREDICTION QUIZ!" We also got answers from Richard and Shawn from "Language of Bromance"


Listen to Richard & Shawn at the "Language of Bromance" HERE!!

Language of Bromance Podcast


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Halloween is over but we are excited with this jam packed episode!! We talk "Star Trek", Alex Trebek's past hosting duties, awful dating profiles, plus more!

00:30 - Introductions, 400th episode preview talk.

01:45 - Election talk: Trump trying to prove fraud. What Trumps using campaign money for? His new yacht: "ReElection".

05:30 - Jason's real story about a creepy guy in a gas station parking lot.

23:45 - STAR TREK OBERVATIONS - Weird William Shatner/Avery Brooks's "Piano Interview".

37:05 - Picard is TOO INTO Tasha Yar. PLUS Picard McConaughey. 

40:05 - Hypocrite Riker can get action, but Diana Troy canNOT.

47:30 - Picard is secretly BATMAN.

54:45 - Charles Barkley is BACK for the 15th year anniversary of the passing of Mitch Hedberg. (Thanks Andrew Van of "False Start: with Andrew Van" podcast)

58:45 - Jason test's Evan! "ALEX TREBEK REAL/FAKE GAMESHOW QUIZ!!" Jason reads game show premise and Evan has to guess if it's real or one Jason made up.

1:13:10 - Evan brings more awful dating profiles in another round of CUPIDS CORNER!!


Listen to False Start with Andrew Van Podcast HERE!!


Watch "William Shatner interview with Avery Brooks" HERE!!


New South Comedy Festival HERE!!


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With heavy hearts we remember Chadwich Boseman by talking about why we loved him, and giving our top 5 favorite Black Panther character moments from all the MCU movies he's been in. Evan shares a awful Comic Con host then more weird/funny Star Trek moments. And since Jason saw "New Mutants" we recap our predictions quiz from last week and see how we did! (One again big thanks again to Sean from "The Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast")

01:00 - We remember Chadwich Boseman and give our top 5 favorite character moments as Black Panther.

24:00 - We watch a horrible host from Magic City Comic Con Q&A with Brent Spiner. 

39:00 - Evan's weird/funny Star Trek moments.

1:07:30 - "New Mutants" Predictions results!! With Sean ("The Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast")



Watch awful Magic City Comic Con host HERE!!


Listen to our NEW You Tube video about how "The Old 'The Shining' Lady is Just In The Way" HERE!!



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Hey guys, this week we have a fun show where Evan goes down memory lane and shares some embarrassing stories that he sees in a new light after his ADHD diagnosis. We give our predictions for the new "NEW MUTANTS" movie coming out this weekend (Finally) (Thanks Sean!!). Evan shares some weird things he saw from Star Trek: TNG. And Jason reads PART 2 of "JUNGLE", his story he wrote at age 16.

00:30 - Intros and plugs "How to ADHD" YouTube series, "One Star Reviews: with Andrew Van" podcast, and The ULTIMUTT ANYWHERE CHALLENGE, virtual man+dog obstacle course race. (OCR)

02:25 - Evan's funny stories from his past. + ADHD discussion.

18:30 - Our "New Mutants" Predications Quiz with Sean from "The Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast"!!

58:55 - Funny moments from "Star Trek: TNG" Worf must be loud all the time. Why is everyone's hobby so damn sophisticated, & Worf had a blood brother he forgot all about??

1:11:15 - Jason reads part 2 of "JUNGLE"!! (His kinda shitty story he wrote at age 16).



HOW TO ADHD You Tube series HERE!!


ONE STAR REVEIWS: with Andrew Van HERE!!




Listen to more SEAN & The Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast HERE!!


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This week Jason Farr (The "There It Is Podcast") and Justina Sparling ("Butter Butter Butter" with the Magnet Improv Theater) stop by!

2:00 - Introductions and origins of their improv team names. "Butter Butter Butter" & "Sweetheart".

6:00 - We remember Fred Willard and our favorite roles.

11:45 - We play a "Fred Willard Quiz"! I describe a film/tv role and it's up to Jason & Justina to guess if it's REAL or one that I made up.

27:05 - We play a GAME! "The Matlock Game!" Where we randomly put together an old actor and an occupation and create their own OLD PEOPLE SOLVING CRIMES tv show! (Ex: Morgan Freeman + Lighthouse Operator)

35:00 - We play a BRACKET! I ask Jason and Justina, "Which Robocop Quote would make the BEST PICK-UP LINE?"


Listen to Jason Farr every week on his own podcast the "There It Is: Podcast" HERE!!


Also follow Justina Sparling and Jason on their Magnet Theater teams: BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER & Sweetheart!!



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Where we celebrate a full year of The Bearded Ones! Yes, if you listen to an episode a day, (not including best-of's and special episodes) you can listen to us for a year!!! DO IT!!! And to celebrate, we have invited friend of the show and fellow improvisor Todd Janssen. (We even included 2 Easter eggs for our longtime fans)

WE go through "Bombs and Flubs" and deservedly mock ourselves!! After that we take some homemade Bearded Ones Quizzes, follow along at home and see how you do!

4:45 - Joke Bombs

19:15 - Bad Impressions

28:40 - Fails

38:40 - Mispronunciations 

40:55 - Segment Flubs

1:03:30 - Evan's Quiz

1:13:30 - Jason's Quiz

P.S.-Kids, if you listen Jason will make a production piece for you with no production.

Check out the Centre Stage Link here.....


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Where in light of the soon to be nuptials of Jason and his lovely fiancé Miley, Evan devises games! Meant to destroy them! But they survive!

Evan takes them through a multiple choice game designed for each of them, a version of the Newlywed Game and with a little help from their friends... a podcast Family Feud!! Plus a bonus homemade Mad-Lib about their perfect date.

P.s-Kids, if you listen...you will have to hear happy people talk about love. Blrgh.

Check out Andrew Van's podcast "One Star Reviews" here... https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/one-star-reviews/id1505211215
And Jason Farr's Podcast "There it is" here... http://www.thereitispod.com/

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Where we start with Evan sharing with Jason some merch signed by the master himself... Tommy Wisseau!!!! THEN we play another round of our "Is It a Podcast??!!" game. After that, Evan gives Jason a lesson in what real hip-hop is... you know, when an entitled, talentless, shallow D-Bog decides to "rap" about what an entitled, talentless, shallow D-Bag he is. After that, we play another round of "The Steven Seagal Movie Game!!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, Everyday Bro will happen....Everyday...Bro.

Check out our friend Callie Sharons Blog here

Check out Valentine Wolfe here

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Where we start with a heartfelt plea to our podcast family to help one of our own, Teddy and the Bassman need your help (link below). THEN  we talk the unexpected text Evan got and how to amuse ourselves throughout it's called "The Movie Google Translate Game" and Jason has to guess the movie. Then we talk Furby's organs...ew... and close with a little story about a country singer, her ex and a chalkboard.

P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we will call Fredy Clagger in to.. run away from your abuse. Monsters!!!!

Please donate and share and help our friend and fellow podcaster here

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