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We are back! Hope you guys had a great safe Thanksgiving. Evan decided be safe and not only have Thanksgiving alone, but also in the dark without some power. We talk about that, as well as another attempt at online dating. We have an update on the "Virgin Diaries" wedding. Jason asks Evan to make up amusement park rides based on "The Mandalorian". And we close with Evan saying "Picard" should be called "Picard: F**k You Old Man!!" (And keep an eye out for our upcoming CHRISTMAS EPISODE!!)

00:30 - Intros

01:15 - Evan talks about his Thanksgiving in the dark. And his attempt at online dating story.

20:10 - Virgin Diaries UPDATE.

34:45 - "AMUSE ME: MANDALORIAN EDITION" We take classic moments from the show and turn them into amusement park rides. (Ex: Mando Vs Mudhorn as a rollercoaster)

53:50 - Evan's Star Trek Rewatch - "Picard" We discover the deep reason why everyone hates Picard, and it's to bring back universal peace. (Or something that sounds like peace.)


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Where we start off hot...BODY HOT...that is.... THEN,we get into Patrick Stewart's glorious return to Trek, and continue with Jason basically roasting himself from a roast. THEN, we talk friend of the show, Alex Essoe and her amazing new gig as Wendy Torrence!!!! After that we discuss the beauty that is our new liason to Russia.... and they better watch out because if they get out of line, then Steven Segall will...nothing, absolutly nothing. They have nothing to fear from anything we do. After that we talk horrifying ice cream flavors and how you can be a little too cute when punning 'bout the end of the world. After that we talk about how a possibly mythological ape-man might not be real..but he is real sexy. And finally we close with...The Google Movie Translate Game!!!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen, we will make Dolph Lundgren a liason to Saudi Arabia.


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See Segall dance here

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Where we get to interview, via Skype, the lead actress from the awesome 2014 horror movie "Starry Eyes", Alexandra Essoe!!! We talk about her early life in Saudi Arabia, her experience coming to Canada, get deep with peoples ideas about the Middle East and the Muslim faith, then we delve into her start in theatre and where her love of horror came from and then spend the rest of the episode talking about Starry Eyes (P.S. - plenty of warnings leading up to discussion of the film, but here's another, MAJOR SPOILERS, so don't bitch, you've been told like a hundred times), but listen to the first part if you don't want to know about the movie, cuz it's all about her and she rocks!!!

P.S.-kids.. You'd better listen.... she rocks.
Alexandras twitter
Watch the youtube trailer here!!!

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