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HAPPY "STAR WARS" DAY!! This episode we wanted to celebrate Star Wars, but first Evan saw a fellow actor friend in "Falcon & The Winter Solder"! Then in honor of the NFL Draft we have OUR draft where we recast "Seinfeld", "Alien", "The Muppets", & "Friends" with Star Wars characters that we think would make sense. And we close with another round of "Google Movie Translate Game" this time with Star Wars quotes. Also Jason guested on Andrew Van's podcast "1 Star Reviews" 

00:30 - Intros

01:30 - Evan saw that his actor friend Brad Brinkley (FBI Agent on Falcon & Winter Soldier) "met" Captain America and Evan fan-girled the EFF out!! Evan and Brad worked on Evan's Web TV Show, "The First Five Years" Watch it HERE on vimeo. 

The First Five Years (vimeo.com)

10:30 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Seinfeld" Cast!!

30:50 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Alien" Cast!!

45:45 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Muppets Show" Cast!! With Special Guest: Bryan Buckley!!

52:15 - We Star Wars Draft - The "Friends" Cast!!

1:02:45 - Evan brings another round of "The Google Movie Translate Game" Jason has to guess the gibberish translated quotes!!


Listen to Jason on "One Star Reviews: with Andrew Van" HERE!!


Watch more Brad Brinkley on "The First Five Years" HERE!!

The First Five Years (vimeo.com)

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This week we do another Bearded Ones Roast. In the past we've roasted Gary Busey and Dracula, this time we hit the legend, Hulk Hogan! Then we thank our buddies Richard and Shawn over at the "Language of Bromance podcast" and we answer some of the same fun questions they did on their episode 320 "Truth or Drink". Then we close with another one of Jason's awful (but this time not so much) story from when he was like 16 years old.

00:30 - Intros and THE BIG SHOW!!

04:00 - The Roast of HULK HOGAN!! Featuring HHH, Billy "The Brain" Hennan, Kermit The Frog, George Costanza, Christopher Lloyd, & Chris Hemsworth!! (Thank you Andrew Van & Manus Clancy (Alchemy Comedy Theater) for your submissions!)

39:00 - Language of Bromance played "Truth or Drink" and we thought it was cool so we answer some of the same questions! 

53:20 - Jason reads "Jungle" a kinda shitty story he wrote (with help) back when he was 16 years old. 


Listen to Andrew Van's Podcast "FALSE START: FAKE SPORTS REAL SHOTS" HERE!!


And listen to Manus Clancy's episode "Fictional Sports Draft" HERE!! (As well as episodes: 50, 63, 65, 66, 68 & 69)


Here's Episode 320 "Truth or Drink" of Language of Bromance Podcast HERE!!


We love you Hulk Hogan.

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Where Jason starts with a chilling tale about a robbery gone unnoticed... by him...the WA-HO folks were all over it though. That conversation leads us to a revelation about Popeye...mainly he is sick and he sucks.

THEN we get into employees going WAY too far to kiss up and paying for it, we meet Creepy McBain, Evan reviews the film, "Mr Nobody" (2009), and we discover that a lot of Tom Hanks movies could be interconnected if you go with the simple premise that the man is f*cked up... speaking of f*cked up, human tattoo'ed skin...on your wall!!!!! 
After that we discuss Billy Domineau's Seinfeld's 9/11 script, and realize that there aren't any impressions we can't do... wait, there may be an " 't" that shouldn't be there.... Evan learns about history and only cares about who was gettin' some, and Jason gifts us with yet another old journal, this one documenting of his first "stand up bit". It's about something that terrifies him. You don't wanna miss this....

P.S - Kids, if you listen, Jason will tell you a joke that will scare the sh*t out of you.

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