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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This week we make up NEW Alfred Hitchcock cameos (with the help of Joe Johnson & Dustin Bays), as well as combine classic horror quotes and decide what movie they would be from. We also have our Week 1 TRIVIA GIVEAWAY!!

00:00 - Intros & Plugs (Listen to John Garrison's new album "Pretty in Pink"! & check out the podcast Evan was on "Cheaties"!!)

07:40 - INAPPROPRIATE ALFRED HITCHCOCK CAMEO GAME!! We do "Rear Window", "Vertigo", "North by Northwest", "Psycho" & "Birds".

46:00 - HORROR MOVIE ONE-LINER GAME - We take the 1st half and 2nd half of horror quotes and put them together and try to make them make sense!!



Listen to John Garrison's "Pretty in Pink" HERE!! 


Listen to "Cheaties Podcast" HERE!!


Follow Joe Johnson on Twitter: @FillCollinz

Listen to Dustin Bays on "Blue Ridge Adventurer's Guild" HERE!!


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