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We are back! Hope you guys had a great safe Thanksgiving. Evan decided be safe and not only have Thanksgiving alone, but also in the dark without some power. We talk about that, as well as another attempt at online dating. We have an update on the "Virgin Diaries" wedding. Jason asks Evan to make up amusement park rides based on "The Mandalorian". And we close with Evan saying "Picard" should be called "Picard: F**k You Old Man!!" (And keep an eye out for our upcoming CHRISTMAS EPISODE!!)

00:30 - Intros

01:15 - Evan talks about his Thanksgiving in the dark. And his attempt at online dating story.

20:10 - Virgin Diaries UPDATE.

34:45 - "AMUSE ME: MANDALORIAN EDITION" We take classic moments from the show and turn them into amusement park rides. (Ex: Mando Vs Mudhorn as a rollercoaster)

53:50 - Evan's Star Trek Rewatch - "Picard" We discover the deep reason why everyone hates Picard, and it's to bring back universal peace. (Or something that sounds like peace.)


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