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This week Evan talks about how everything in "Master Chef" is a...(COMMERCIAL BREAK!! …"And We're Back!!")…fake out. Jason brings a game guessing about the plots for the new "FACE/OFF" sequel. (EX: Turner & Hooch starring in "HEAD/OFF".) Which leads to our new character "The Begrudging Critic". & Evan brings up a weird moment in "Black Lighting" between Black Lighting and a high school kid, talking about something he really shouldn't be talking about.

00:30 - Intros

01:10 - Evan has a bone to pick with...(COMMERCIAL BREAK!! …"And We're Back!!")…Master Chef.

20:45 - Jason tries to start his "FACE/OFF" game, but we discover "The Begrudging Critic".

30:30 - Jason finally starts his "FACE/OFF" game. (EX: Gary Busey & Andy Griffith in "FACE/OFF BUT SKIN SIDE IN"!!)

56:05 - Evan shares a funny moment where, Black Lightning asks his daughters boyfriend about how well he cleans his..."stuff". 



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