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Evan opens with a gripe about "Batwoman" and why they are complicating the villain Alice? How many backstories will she get? Also Evan talks about how an episode of "The Twilight Zone" would be REALLY WEIRD in real life. We realize this episode is going quite poorly. Take a break and talk about how we've now done one year of Skype shows. And we close with a BRACKET!!  We ask, "Which pop culture UNDERDOG would make the BEST SUPERVILLAIN?"

00:30 - Intros

01:08 - Batwoman talk.

17:00 - Twilight Zone in REAL LIFE talk.

29:30 - We realize we are doing poorly so far ha.

35:20 - Bearded Ones Bracket!! "Which Underdog would make the BEST SUPERVILLAIN?" (Neither expect either of them to win in the end.)


Listen to our "OLIVER 2" clip HERE!!

BEST OF THE BEARDED ONES - PART 7!!! (podbean.com)

Listen to Evan's audio book HERE!!

Presidential History the Cold War by Sam Krymalowski | Audiobook | Audible.com


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