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Where we start off shouting out our networks and THEN our new friends Kevin Bartini and Ariel Kashanchi, then we get into toilet humor(or horror), a piercing gone horribly wrong (or SO SO right), the art of the roast, Don Rickles and how not everyone that considers themselves a "roaster" should be doing it and is probably racist, Mel Gibsons one man show and Karl Marxes short stint in the Marx Brothers and then we talk about the Omen and it's "curse" and how the devil isn't as threatening as you think and is a boss on the level of David Brent.

Please check out Kevin Bartinis' album "Unintentionally White" when it comes out January 13th, visit www.KevinBartini.com
Check out Ariel Kashanchi and her webseries Don't Be a Whore on youtube and her website www.arielkashanchi.com
P..-Kids, if you listen, The devil will really need those reports on his desk by noon and then forget he asked you.... beware!!!
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