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Where with the help of Catherine Mary Furlong, all the way from jolly old England, we recount the day she surprised her dad (Bassman of "Teddy and the Bassman") by being here for Christmas!!


Then we get into the art of revenge (Marmite!) by having her try our snacks this time, Honey Bun's Cowtails, plus EGGNOG!

Jason shows us that the penultimate step towards Skynet is synthetic Christmas music (that pretty much sounds like any auto-tuned pop song), Catherine teaches us some English Slang, and we close with a holiday inspired bracket...this time:


Which Christmas Character Would Make The Best Stereotypical Gay Movie Friend!!!!

Check out the video of Bassmans reaction to his Catherines' surprise here and dont forget to check out her channel and subscribe HERE!!

Listen to Neural Story Singing Christmas HERE!

Also, TO WIN THE NEW "VALENTINE WOLFE" CD, email us your best metal moment to beardedonespodcast@gmail.com or comment on our facebook page (search Bearded Ones Podcast via Facebook). The MOST METAL moment wins.


P.S. - Kids, Merry Christmas but get the f*ck to bed. Santa is too FABULOUS to deal with your shenanigans.

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