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Where we start with a comment from a fan! After that though, things take a turn as Evan reveals a taped call with Jason and realized his priorities may not be in line. THEN, Jason brings a Trailer Quiz for the new Spider-Man movie and we invent a new counterpart to The Sinister Six. After that, Evan talks about how embarassing he can be and also reveals his idea of a spellbinding story... is more like just a thing happened. Then we play another round of The Senses Game, where we pick a sense that a Birdbox type movie might take away from us, Evan review The Orville... postitively(??)... after that, we hear Evan get a lil too..Lori Bakker about something that shouldn't be exciting at all, Jason finally hears a reporter have a stroke and in honor of Sam from England, we play a round of The Steven Segall Movie Game!!


P.S.-Kids, if you listen..you will head the most ineffectual super villain team ever.

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