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Where we start with a loving conversation about a true genius, Robin Williams, then we get into some not-so-genuisy things, like SHARKNADO!! and come up with our own titles for those type thingies, then we get into old superman comics, lame heroes (candy tummy), lamer villians, we talk about the premiere of The First Five Years (www.jackandcarmen.com), then we find out that sick kid painting fundraisers are a good idea...for some.... a flock of birds who rain down an ocean of crap, the grear flood of aught 14 and Aqua Mans water hand. Seriously...a water hand.

P.s.-Kids, if you listen, we will make you submit a painting, put in on a copier paper package and then rip it up right in front of you!!!
P.S.S-Please check out The First Five Years season one!! It's co-written and acted in by Bearded One Evan!! www.jackandcarmen.com.
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